A true story my friend,

It was 2009 when this happened, so it is long time ago, i was new to this industry, i was listing live to one of Ray higdons coaching calls, he and another leader were talking about mindset.

 I remember at the end of the call him asking if one of the attendees want to ask a question,and one of the ladies asked him, she told told him , that she was in this business for long time and she was trying to build her downline and couldn’t.

She was so emotional.

I just remember that like it was yesterday my friend!

And she started to tell him that she listen to an audio daily and she is working hard on her mindset, she never missed a company call, and still she was not succeeding, she said she think that her not getting the result is just not her fault!!

I remember him answering her, so he asked her this question:

Did you said that you ar working on your mindset, she said yes I do, he said ok now tell me about your skill sets!!!

She went silent, and he started to say: are you their can you hear my voice and she just wouldn’t reply!

So he ignored her silence and he told her this, he said to her listen:

Mindset without skill set will make you upset, Your mindset without the skill set will make you upset.


Mindset, skillset, toolset

So why am telling you this guys?? a lot of you in this industry don’t understand that skill set in this business is so important, it is as important as working on your mindset, listen to an audio daily, work on your mindset, but take action, you cant listen to audios and then procrastinate, take massive action.

Work on your skill sets & take action, action will give you the results and only the results will strengthen your believe and take you to next level of mind set and next level of performance!

 Don’t procrastinate,work on your skill sets, make it a great day.

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