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I was just watching this incredible movie , i heard about it long time ago and i finally got to sit down and watch it, it is called “The pursuit of happiness”

It is an inspirational movie, one of the best inspirational movies i have ever watched, i really enjoyed it

By the way the story in the movie is a true story, it is the story of the great entrepreneur Chris Gardner, where he was, how he progressed during his entrepreneurial life and how he got to where he is today.

persuit of happiness

The story is just mind boggling, breath taking!!

It really shows you guys what the real shit entrepreneurs go through to achieve their dreams, and how far they push hard beyond every obstacle & circumstances.

There are some serious mindset lessons in this movie!

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Lol, i dont even want to judge that !! I just hope that they are all entrepreneurs and they learned a lesson or two  from watching the movie!

Am just sharing the fun and the inspiration, you can go watch it for free:

So, i watched it here <<<<

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Talk to you later!

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